A Brief Look at Gucci Brand History

A Brief Look at Gucci Brand History

You can hardly consider yourself a true fashionista in case you do not have at least one Gucci logo T-Shirt or purse in your wardrobe. This fashion brand is truly in the top list of the most recognizable and appreciated designer houses and labels.

Every year it presents its exclusive collections of Gucci bags, shoes and accessories to make your look complete and stylish. We can hardly think of any huge fashion show without brand’s runways and collections available in Gucci stores across the globe. This time we will find out some facts about the label’s history and its legendary Italian founder.

Gucci History: from the Foundation to Modern Times

The brand was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. A Florence-based innovator was so inspired by the lavish lifestyle popular those days, that he decided to create a symbiosis of his unique talents as a craftsman with lavish living of other people surrounding Gucci. For this reason, Guccio decided to learn Tuscan artisans and later sell his own leather bags to horsemen.

The idea had a success considering high quality and durability of Gucci bags at those times. Later those handbags turned into a more luxurious variant we are used to seeing in every Gucci purse from new collections. At the same time, vintage Gucci bags are still very popular with dedicated fashion gurus who adore classic.

High Time to Expand

As the sales were growing rapidly, Guaccio had nothing to do but to expand his business with the help of his two sons. hey eventually opened two more Gucci stores in Rome and Milano. His bags came along with exclusive and high-quality leather accessories making his products more versatile and trendy.

Every purse or bag featured Gucci logo on its back. It has eventually turned into the company’s main signature and trademark. The next two years appeared to be a huge success for a new growing label. Considering the fact that most customers were horse riders, it became the main inspiration for creating Gucci emblem we know today.

Never Late to Experiment

At some point, leather seemed to be not enough for a creative craftsman. He started using other materials for his handbag collections. This is how brand’s most popular collection appeared. All purses featured a handle with the Bamboo patterns on it. During the 1950s, a new element of the Gucci logo was added. It included a web stripe of red color.

After the founder’s death, both suns continued running the business. Their overcoming was followed by numerous grand opening of Gucci stores around the world. They had representations in Europe and the United States. Every collection highlighted brand’s exclusive style. Runways included not only handbags, but also men and women’s clothing and accessories.

Gucci Brand Today

The brand can boast breaking the world record after the introduction of its most expensive and best-selling jeans in the world. The collection got a name “Genius Jeans”. Later this record was overtaken by Levi Straus. The company is in the list of best-selling brands in Italy and around the globe. It has more than 270 stores in different countries in addition to billions of annual revenues.

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