Behind the Coco Chanel Story

The fashion world is shaped by some well-established designer houses and brands like CC Chanel, Gucci, Versace, and many others. It does not matter if you are a dedicated fashion guru or far from being a fashionista, you obviously know those names. Their logos are the most recognizable ones in the world of clothes and outfits.

But do you really know what’s the story behind those iconic titles? This time we will look closer at the Coco Chanel label. We all know its amazing collections Chanel handbags and purses while its iconic perfume has already turned into a living legend.

Channel 5 is certainly an icon in the world of fragrances. But how did it all start? What lies behind Coco Chanel Logo? How did the brand manage to take the entire fashion world by storm? Let’s find it out!

Chanel No. 5 for a Start

It all started with a legendary brand’s perfume. Chanel chances have increased right after the introduction of Chanel 5 fragrance. Today, it is probably one of the most popular and recognizable branded perfumes on the market. It used to be the best-selling fragrance across the globe as well. Those who lived back in 1921 could come across numerous people around smelling the same way.

The perfume was a result of Coco’s collaboration with Russian perfumer Ernest Beaux. Coco was believed to be very superstitious about number and figure 5 in particular. This is how the best-selling fragrance was born. By the way, that was actually the first ever introduction of a perfume by a designer or fashion house. Later it launched a collection of skincare and other cosmetics.

Chanel No. 5 appeared to be a great success featuring a rapid sales growth for the next 3 decades. Beloved by celebrities, politicians and mafia, it was the number one choice of Marlin Monroe – a sex idol of those times. Once she said that an iconic fragrance was the only thing she would wear to bed.

It is Not Just About Perfumes

Some of you may think that a legendary perfume is the only reason of Coco Chanel success. Well, it is not. The designer house made a name for itself as a sensational clothes supplier. It features its exclusive collections of men and women outfits at all major fashion shows across the world.

It boasts amazing lineups of Chanel bags and purses in addition to evening dresses, hats, accessories and cosmetics. Today, the brand takes 87th position in the Forbe’s list of most valuable brands featuring $7.3 billion value in May.

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