Does Velvet Dress Mean Bad Taste?

Does Velvet Dress Mean Bad Taste?

Since we are approaching the end of the year 2017, it is high time we highlighted some of the top 2017 fashion trends that have taken the demanding audience by storm. We are talking of velvet, of course. Colored velvet in particular.

A trend that seems more like a flashback has eventually turned into the main fall’s sensation after the latest New York Fashion Show. If you are about to forget about the incredible collections presented by major fashion brands and designer houses. Colored velvet clothing made all runaways really bright and exciting. Let’s get deep in the insights and decide whether we love velvet or not.

Velvet Clothes – Rich and Deluxe

You will hardly find a richer and more luxe fabrics than velvet. It features bold colors that are still sashaying some world’s most recognizable catwalks after velvet dresses 2016 that have once been latest fashion trends. The NYFW runways were not an exception. Colored velvet appeared to be a shaping trend in fall 2017. A combination of basic black with a bold blue jacket, a pretty soft pink velvet dress or velvet shirt will certainly let you stand out from the crowd.

You are free to experiment with different styles, colors, and outfits. This fact makes velvet really close to colored pom poms. They also let you try different color variations and attach them to different women’s clothes, footwear, and even hairstyle. A combination of an Ice-Cream Pom T-Shirt with a blue velvet suit will make your look really exclusive and catchy.

A good news that a trend we all fell in love with at the beginning of 2017 is back again. It still influences the fashion world and offers new great design ideas for both men and women’s clothes. Velvet turns back around for the second year in a row. It is obvious, the trend appears to become an immortal classics. If you are not mad about it then you love it.

The new season comes with a new persona for the trend as well. The past season has introduced a less elevated fashion guru. This time a new look comes in a wider variety of colors and styles presented by such big fashion titles as Erdem, Prada, MANGO, Koche and many more. The runways showcase different types of clothes including:

  • Tailored Suits;
  • Swinging Dresses;
  • Grandiose Skirts;
  • Eccentric Blouses and more.

If it seems not enough, you can add a pom sweatshirt to your wardrobe giving it a new lease of life. A good thing about crafted designer sweatshirts for women is the ability to attach pom-poms of any color! Just pick the one that reflects your mood and stay different any day effortlessly.

Better Late than Never

If you somehow missed the latest NYFW and not aware of the latest fashion trends, keep in mind that velvet and pom-poms are still a good combination. It will hardly make your credit balance shiver with cold. You can choose from affordable pieces of women’s clothes without spending a fortune.

Numerous high-street stores and online shops offer a wide range of velvet wear. Online shops are not an exception. Our digital shelves are full of branded designer clothes of the highest-quality. Buy hand-made sweatshirts, swimsuits for women and winter clothes with only one click. Follow the latest fashion trends at! Stay tuned!

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