Donatella Versace Says “NO” to Real Fur


If you care about fashion the same way you care about animals, we have a great news! The iconic Versace fashion house vows to stop using real fur in its new collections. Donatella Versace has already confirmed the official announcement. She claimed none of products under the Versace brand would ever contain real fur.

The leading fashion brand is aimed at driving the beauty industry to a new “fur-free” level. We are actually witnessing the transformation of high-end fashion. Other top industry brands have supported the initiative including Gucci, Armani, Tom Ford, and Michael Kors.

2018 Season with No Fur

The Italian designer share her ideas about the new concept. She did not want to be the one who killed animals for fashion. It does not look right for Donatella. On the other hand, some experts are sure that such approach may result in losing a big part of Versace customers who are used to wearing premium-quality natural materials. The only way to solve the problem from business and revenue perspectives fr the brand if to find a decent alternative to real fur.

It seems like Donatella has already found the way to cope with the situation. Her latest fall/winter collection was a huge success. This time the brand has presented its new “warmer” lineup. Have a look at Versace’s latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection with no fur.

A New Fashion Concept

Versace is the brand that has always been associated with glam, luxury and style. We should not underestimate the level of its influence on the fashion world. Its every decision can appear to be a turning point for the entire industry. Is fact looks rather disappointing for companies, which deal with fur production.

Mark Oaten, CEO of The International Fur Federation, expressed his frustration with Versace’s announcement. However, he is sure that the majority of fashion companies and independent designers will still use real fur for their products.


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