The History of Italian Fashion – the History of Versace


Versace is probably the first brand that is associated with Italian fashion. It reflects the glory of Italian designers’ family that still shapes the world of fashion. Also known as the House of Versace, the company appeared in 1978. The new fashion brand got a name after its founder Gianni Versace who had a different view on fashion. It differed from everything gurus were used to at that time.

In spite of being the head of Italian Fashion royal family, Gianni always dreamt to take Versace clothing away from theatres and art galleries to haute couture and punk scene. Such a revolutionary approach define the further development of Versace clothing for the next decades.

Every Versace collection is an example of how a designer can understand the moves and curves of a feminine body. Luckily for all fashion gurus, Gianni’s legacy has not vanished after his death. Developed by his sister, Versace fashion is still one of the most recognizable trends around the globe. Hollywood stars and celebrities are ready to pay millions for Versace perfumes, shoes, and bags. So, let’s see how it all started.

The Versace Logo History

The emblem, you can see at every Versace store, depicts Medusa’s snake-entwined head. If you are not familiar with the Greek Mythology, Medusa had only to look at her victim’s eyes in order to turn it into a stone. The inspiration for this logo appeared to be Gianni’s own love affair.


One of the most recognizable emblems, that is always associated with Versace fashion, reflects fatal attraction combined with a sense of history and classicism. Gianni created his every dress for his Goddess. This is what actually the logo symbolizes until today.  You can easily find those tones in each Versace collection of the previous years.

Versace Clothing Death and Rebirth

Gianni was a top-rated fashion designer of his time. Although he did not have a Versace website, the popularity was growing rapidly. A few years after opening his first Versace store, Gianni launched the premier collection in Milan, Italy. It was a great success. Unfortunately, the Master died on the top of his career in 1997. He was murdered. His sister Donatella adopted the brand turning it into a family business.


Influenced by her brother and fashion in general greatly, Donatella appeared to be a great Versace successor. At first, Donatella got a position of company’s creative director and later she became the head of the Versace group. Her main goal was to keep the vital idea of her brother and add some rock-n-roll to every pair of Versace jeans or dresses.

Modern collections feature amazing Versace shoes and T-Shirts that reflect the newest waves of today’s fashion trends. Some of our products are also inspired by a unique Versace style. For example, have a look at our selection of women’s swimsuits. They definitely reflect the sense of classicism and romance just like Versace clothing.

The Revival of Versace Fashion

Donatella did bring some rock-n-roll to her new collections. She still remains at the helm of the company and tries her best to reinvigorate every piece of clothing produced under the world’s popular fashion title. Her dresses can be found in the wardrobes of Madonna, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bündchen and other top-rated models, celebrities and stars.


In 2009, the brand got a new revival after Christopher Kane joined the company. A new designer was like a new lease of life. He revamped some of Versace collections, which resulted in a new boom of popularity for the fashion house. They also produce beanie hats and more casual styles.

Versace Fashion Today

The company has established its own marketplace with actually now competitors in the fashion world. It constantly introduces its new clothing lines in addition to collections of perfumes, handbags, footwear and even pieces of furniture. The family has secured its business and took it to a new level thanks to innovative and creative approach.


Today, the brand collaborates with other premium titles in different niches. For instance, Versace has announced to team up with Lamborghini to bring even more rock-n-roll to the world of beauty. Also eager to throw a rock party in your wardrobe? Our pom poms collection will make it really fun and stylish. The more colors the better!

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