Vans off The Wall: Where Function Meets High Fashion

Vans off The Wall: Where Function Meets High Fashion

Popular for more than 5 decades for its eclectic collections of footwear and sneakers, the Vans company has certainly been shaping the fashion and beauty world for half a century so far. The brand has turned into an inevitable part of street fashion, art and musical culture for many generations.

After the first Vans shop appeared in 1966, brand’s award-winning collections have been the major option not only for punks, skaters, and artists, but also for business people. You can easily come across and a nice-looking guy dressed in Saint Laurent suit perfectly matched with a pair of Authentics.

Vans company has managed to establish a strong connection between different people from different paths of life. We simply couldn’t miss a chance to tell you more about Vans history. Once you read the article till the end, you can consider yourself a proven expert when it comes to vans shoes.

The Original Vans Shop in Anaheim

Vans stores and outlets offer a wide selection of footwear for any purpose. Whether you are a professional skater or simply look for a stylish and comfortable pair of vans sneakers, you can select from various lineups. They include:

  • The Era – vans sneakers for sport;
  • The Classic Slip-on – vans shoes for casual fashion and streetwear;
  • The SK8-Hi Collection – vans shoes that are more of a high fashion;
  • The Vans Old Skool – collection for street and skate punks.

However, it all started in Anaheim, CA where the original Vans store was opened in 1966. Run by Brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren, the newly-established enterprise got a name “Van Doren Rubber Company”.

The Rise of New Shoe Brand

Brothers were actually the first to introduce the rug construction for their sneakers. It proved to be reliable and durable enough at a reasonable price. Those were two main qualifies skaters were looking for. This is why the new company started gaining popularity among skaters rapidly at the beginning of the 70s.

Brothers were eager to offer a better option for their customers. This is how a sticky waffle soles appeared on Vans shoes. Moreover, they teamed up with professional skaters Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva to release their first iconic model – #95. It turned to be a part of the Era collection.

The 80s were also a good period for the brand. The company introduced its legendary Bans Old Skool collection in addition to Slip-ons that took the audience by storm.

Vans Official Collection Lineup

Now, let’s review some of the most popular and iconic collections that have changed the way we look at footwear. You can easily find them in any Vans outlet as well as on the Vans official website. Our mission here is to let you know what to look exactly for.

The Era – Vans Sports Shoes

The Era collection may look a bit similar to the Authentic, although t boasts one crucial improvement. A padded collar makes those shoes a perfect choice for skateboarding with no limits. Durability and comfort when skating are guaranteed. Alva and Peralta were true fans of this particular Vans shoes lineup.

Classic Slip-Ons

Do you really know someone who does not have a pair of slip-on in his or her collection? They hit the headlines in 1982. The same year they debuted on a huge screen thanks to Sean Penn’s Spicoli from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. From that time, not a single sneaker brand could actually compete with classic Slip-ons that are still very popular today.

The Sk8-Hi

Vans company found it possible to combine functionality and high fashion in this particular model. After the new collection was released during 80s, it took all skaters by storm. Today, this high-top model has found its place in the fashion world as well.

Vans Old Skool – For Punks Only

The Vans Old Skool model was the first one to have an iconic Jazz stripe on it. Those sneakers represent a so-called too-oft overlooked style. The 90s appeared to be a good period for punk and hardcore revival. The youth culture got a new lease of life with the introduction of Old Skool model. It became a punk symbol of those times worn by many popular bands of those times. Those sneakers did not even need any additional promotion.

Final Word

After more than 5 decades, Vans company is still the major brand for the fashion industry. It provides exclusive combinations for any outfit. You do not have to be a rock musicians, skater or a punk to get yourself a pair of nice looking Vans shoes combined with trousers or jacket.

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